Good Girl?

are my thighs lit?


U’r look doesn’t make u a bitch.

U’r walk doesn’t make u a bitch.

U’r sounds doesn’t make u a bitch.

U’r talk doesn’t make u a bitch.

A fake nigga… yeah he makes u a bitch. #straightflexin’

I got love for my niggas, my killers, my dealers, my trickers, my bros… so what? U got love for someone that even care about u. Idk, if niggas aren’t good people then bitches are? what are u sayin’?

I’m not a world, I’m not a line, I’m not a girl that can ever be defined. One hundred motherfuckers can’t tell me nothing!

Do u know what? I never fucked w/ a real nigga because if he was “real” we’d still be together, u know, so shut the fuck up u even haven’t right to speak. U never tried to change that bitch u never tried to show your love to that bitch, she had so much love to give u and u didn’t know how to enjoy.

A real nigga and a real slut will always make real results.

So… don’t call me a slut unless u call me “my slut”.